Systems of Equations Word Problems   

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Students will learn how to use systems of equations to help solve word problems with multiple unknowns.


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Systems of Equations Word Problems  Piqosity Official Mostly text, Some images, No video 0 1

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Jeremy works at a grocery store where the mo... Piqosity Official 5 27
There are a total of 450 plants in a gardeni... Piqosity Official 8 25
A school cafeteria sells lasagna and pizza. ... Piqosity Official 8 25
Marie has a total of 45 chickens that have e... Piqosity Official 2 28
At a certain school, the football stadium is... Piqosity Official 8 28
A movie theater sells adult tickets for $10,... Piqosity Official 8 23
Josh goes to a local donut shop and buy... Natalie Lee 8 28
A middle school orchestra teacher needs to r... Natalie Lee 5 29
Samuel orders some catering for a party he i... Natalie Lee 8 27
Martha goes to a coffee shop to pick up some... Natalie Lee 5 25
Jeni's Frozen Yogurt charges $2 for a cu... Natalie Lee 5 29
Brooke and Grace go out for lunch at a local... Natalie Lee 5 34
Justine orders takeout from a local Chinese ... Natalie Lee 5 27
Sophia and Sandra go out for coffee tog... Natalie Lee 2 26
Julius goes to the grocery store and buys 3 ... Natalie Lee 5 26
Justin has a bag of coins that is worth $2.4... Natalie Lee 8 28
The post office charges a flat rate of $5 fo... Natalie Lee 8 29
Selena meets up with her friends at a local ... Natalie Lee 8 27
Carson goes to the grocery store and buys 10... Natalie Lee 5 30
Lane visits a bakery to buy two dozen cupcak... Natalie Lee 5 28
A local bakery sells a variety of cookies. L... Natalie Lee 5 26
Charlotte spends $4.50 to buy a total of 25 ... Natalie Lee 5 29
Ivy owns a bakery where she sells a variety ... Natalie Lee 5 28
Mei visits a local pie shop that sells a var... Natalie Lee 5 28
Saorise runs her own jewelry shop. One clien... Natalie Lee 5 23
On Monday, Xavier goes out for lunch and spe... Natalie Lee 5 26
Susan goes to a bakery and buys three cookie... Natalie Lee 2 26
Sam goes to the store to buy one pack o... Natalie Lee 2 26
Justin and James go out for lunch together. ... Natalie Lee 2 26
Austin purchases one t-shirt and one pair of... Natalie Lee 2 27
Jane goes to a bakery and orders 5 cupcakes ... Natalie Lee 2 29