Answer Explanations to 2020 Previously Released ACT Math Test

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Question 1, “Marcus’s favorite casserole.” The correct answer is “10.” This question tests your understanding of ratios and proportions. (1.)First, find out how many servings each egg yields. (2.)We know that the original recipe calls for 3 eggs and makes 6 servings, meaning that each egg yields 2 servings (divide 6 servings by 3 eggs, which gives you 2 servings per egg). (3.)Marcus is increasing the number of eggs from 3 eggs to 5 eggs. Since we found that each egg yields two servings, simply multiply 5 eggs by 2 servings to get 10 total servings for the new recipe, which is the correct answer. Note, you could have also noticed that Marcus was “not quite doubling” the recipe, which originally made 6 servings. As such, 12 servings would be too many (wrong answer), and 8 servings would be too little (wrong answer), which would have easily highlighted 10 as the correct answer. For the rest of the answer explanations to the full-length Math test of the previously released ACT from the current 2020-2021 “Preparing for the ACT Test” visit out blog post:

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