Answer Explanations to Previously Released ACT 2020 Science Test

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Passage I Question 1, “According to Figure 1…” The answer is “185 mg.” This question tests your ability to interpret data. (1..) The question asks for the approximate mass of cheese remaining at 4 hours based on Figure 1. The graph in Figure 1 plots time (in hours) on the x-axis and mass of food remaining (in mg) on the y-axis. (2.) To determine how much cheese remains after 4 hours, we should look at the 4 hour mark. There are four columns which represent the 4 foods. (3.)Cheese is the blank/white column, so we isolate this one to see where it aligns on the “mass of food remaining” axis. The graph indicates that the mass of cheese remaining is more than 180 mgs but less than 190 mgs. (4.)Therefore, we can assume that the mass of cheese remaining at 4 hours is closest to 185 mg, which is the correct answer. For the rest of the answer explanations to the full-length Science test of the previously released ACT from the current 2020-2021 “Preparing for the ACT Test” visit out blog post:

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