Free Retired Middle Level ISEE Test Practice Questions

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These now retired official guides from ERB are far superior to the versions released in summer of 2020, because of the inclusion of the approximately 30 sample questions from the recently retired ISEE test. These sample questions also come with thorough answer explanations from the ISEE’s publisher. If you’re a tutor or teacher, these retired versions have the added benefit of not being adulterated with a full-page ad for Test Innovators and their $380 packages and $200 per hour tutoring. The 2020 versions of ERB’s “What to Expect on the ISEE” no longer include the sample questions and answer explanations. Instead ERB has removed them and will now only sell them back to parents and educators as part of a $380 package available exclusively at the for-profit, test prep company Test Innovators. This removal of previously free content happened simultaneously with ERB’s announced endorsement of Test Innovators. Indeed, Piqosity’s analysis of both the “retired ISEE test” (retired test) and last year’s “What to Expect on the ISEE” (WTE) for the Upper, Middle, and Lower levels reveals that as much as 86% of the previously free practice questions on the WTE are now part of the $380 retired test. Piqosity’s analysis of the removed questions from the 2020 “What to Expect on the ISEE” for the ISEE Lower Level shows that ERB removed 32 practice questions and answer explanations. 18 of these previously free practice questions or 56% reappeared on the Retired ISEE Test available exclusively from Test Innovators as part of a $380 package. For free Middle Level ISEE practice questions:

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If I already purchased Test Innovators, do you still suggest I purchase your full-length test?


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Hi Andreas, whether you purchase Piqosity in addition to Test Innovators depends entirely on how much practice you need to do!

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