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Mean, Median, Mode, and Range  Piqosity Official Completely text, No images, No video 5 1
Mean, Mode Median and Range  Piqosity Official Mostly text, Some images, No video 2 1
Mean, Median, Mode, Range - Animation Video  Piqosity Official Some text, No images, Completely video 2 1

Question Author Difficulty Views
Daniel’s goal for the school year is t... Daniel Bowling 8 183
Wesley is practicing for a marathon. So far,... Vu Dang 2 96
A group of students were asked to rate the l... Andy Peters 5 106
Students were asked how many video games the... Shelby Joe 8 141
Use the number line shown below to answer th... Harrison Chambers 5 61
Artemis is gathering information about the d... Daniel Bowling 2 70
A group of students were asked to rate the d... Daniel Bowling 5 171
A dog had a litter of 5 puppies. 2 of the pu... Daniel Bowling 8 63
A data set consists of 5 different whole num... Andy Peters 8 105
If a, b, c, and Andy Peters 5 121
The local dance company has a variety of mem... Vu Dang 2 104
Heather is asking each of her friends how ma... Andy Peters 5 117
Kathy tracked her water intake for four days... Andy Peters 5 99
The new athletics store recently received a ... Vu Dang 2 108
Melissa scored a 98, 92, 94, and a 96 on her... Shelby Joe 5 148
The average of 5 and A is 9.&n... Andy Peters 5 122
Jason received $15, $26, $20, and $19 for hi... Andy Peters 5 102
The following chart shows the number of diff... Vu Dang 8 117
Which of the following sets of numbers has a... Vu Dang 5 135
A survey was taken regarding people's pr... Vu Dang 8 105
Diego bought 4 apples at the store. One of t... Shelby Joe 5 36
Average temperatures data was recorded for f... Piqosity Official 8 56
The ingredients in the recipe were evenly mi... Harrison Chambers 5 62
Martin’s math class scored the followi... Harrison Chambers 2 59
Ellie decided to track her ice cream consump... Andy Peters 2 109
One hundred and fifty students were asked wh... Andy Peters 5 88
Sharon is surveying her classmates about how... Andy Peters 5 98
Marcy scored 22 points, 13 points, 31 points... Vu Dang 2 99
The mean of 4 different numbers is 32. Which... Vu Dang 8 120
Eric decided to research how much a large pi... Andy Peters 2 104
Kristi is surveying her classmates about how... Andy Peters 2 111
Brandon’s grandmother gives him candy ... Andy Peters 5 106
One hundred students were asked which month ... Andy Peters 2 103
Maria, an escape artist, is practicing for a... Vu Dang 5 102
Jenny empties a bag of candies onto a table.... Andy Peters 2 86
Paul is researching different ice cream parl... Andy Peters 2 109
A cat had a litter of 4 kittens. Two of the&... Shelby Joe 5 105