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Mean, Median, Mode, Range, and Weighted Average  Piqosity Official Mostly text, Some images, No video 0 1
Mean, Median, Mode, Range - Animation Video  Piqosity Official Some text, No images, Completely video 1 1

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What is the difference between the median&nb... Stephen Barton 2 117
Ashleigh is recording the ages of everyone o... Piqosity Official 2 33
Marvin is trying to earn at least a 90% test... Piqosity Official 8 29
Elida scored an average of 10 points in&nbsp... Shelby Joe 2 121
Consider the following data set: {... Andy Peters 5 118
Consider the following data set:  ... Andy Peters 5 108
What is the mean of the following data set? Andy Peters 5 109
What is the mean of the following data set? Andy Peters 5 104
Consider the following set of data: Andy Peters 2 97
Consider the following sequence: 2... Andy Peters 5 112
I have a set of data whose mean is 3. If my ... Stephen Barton 8 98
Ms. Bell decides to let her students who wan... Stephen Barton 5 87
Can the mode of the data set ever be greater... Stephen Barton 2 121
Mr. Cedrick gives out a test to his 7th grad... Stephen Barton 5 99
Ms. Bell wants to analyze the test scores of... Stephen Barton 5 92
Ms. Gray gives out a science test to her 6th... Stephen Barton 5 103
What is the median of the following stem and... Piqosity Official 5 23
What is the mode of the following set of dat... Piqosity Official 2 27
A teacher makes a deal with his classroom th... Piqosity Official 5 23
Candance tracked the growth of her new plant... Piqosity Official 2 31
Which of the following statements about the ... Stephen Barton 5 120
Consider the following data set: Andy Peters 2 130
Mr. Calvin’s math students received th... Andy Peters 2 113
Dale scored a total of 360 points on 4 equal... Andy Peters 8 107