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Triangle Types and Rules  Piqosity Official Some text, Mostly images, No video 1 1
Circles - Animated Video  Piqosity Official Some text, No images, Completely video 1 1
Polygons: Angles, Perimeter, and Area  Piqosity Official Mostly text, Some images, No video 0 1
Solid Geometry - Surface Area and Volume  Piqosity Official Some text, Mostly images, No video 0 1

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A square has a side length of 4 cm. If the l... Piqosity Official 5 26
Rectangle ABCD depicted below is proportiona... Piqosity Official 2 25
The volume of a cube is Piqosity Official 5 26
In this figure, a square is inscribed within... Piqosity Official 5 28
Trapezoid QRST has been transformed to produ... Piqosity Official 5 31
A cylinder has a height of 4 and a volu... Stephen Barton 5 119
The base of a cylinder shown has an area of ... Andy Peters 5 101
If the volume of a cube is 216 cm3 Piqosity Official 5 31
Circle A is pictured below. What is the area... Piqosity Official 5 30
A circle has a circumference of 14π Andy Peters 5 124
A cylinder has a radius of 4 inches and a he... Andy Peters 5 104
A storage locker in the shape of a rectangul... Andy Peters 2 107
6 identical rectangular prisms were stacked ... Andy Peters 8 140
Which of the following correctly expresses t... Andy Peters 8 107
Triangle A is a right triangle... Andy Peters 5 114
If a rectangle has a perimeter of 20 inches ... Andy Peters 5 113
The figure below is composed of 5 rectangula... Andy Peters 5 137
The perimeter of the triangle below is 13 un... Andy Peters 8 138
A builder is building a wall out of bricks l... Andy Peters 8 128
Rick has a square sheet of paper with side l... Stephen Barton 2 100
What is the area of a circle with diameter 1... Stephen Barton 2 115
Edwin drew a 2-dimensional house by drawing&... Stephen Barton 2 105
Jules filled a cubical box with 7 in sides&n... Stephen Barton 2 116
Cube A has a side length of 3 cm, and cube B... Stephen Barton 5 90
In the figure, four quarter-circle regions a... Stephen Barton 5 99
Emily has a cylinder that has a radius R... Stephen Barton 5 110
The sides of a regular hexagon are ... Stephen Barton 2 104
Cube B has sides that are twice as long... Stephen Barton 8 121
The figure shows a net. When folded along th... Stephen Barton 8 97
The volume of a cube is 8 cm3. Wh... Shelby Joe 5 27
If Piqosity Official 5 28
In this figure, a circle is inscribed within... Shelby Joe 5 88
The surface area of a cube is 216 ft2 Shelby Joe 5 92
What is the area of the rectangle shown belo... Andy Peters 5 129
John’s garden is square in shape and i... Andy Peters 2 118
If a rectangle has side lengths of 1.5x Andy Peters 5 126
Two rectangles overlap to form the shape sho... Andy Peters 5 139
What is the volume of the shape below? ... Andy Peters 2 106
The volume of a cube is 216 cubic inches. If... Andy Peters 8 113
A rectangle has one side that is x ... Andy Peters 8 109
Which of the following is NOT a possible per... Andy Peters 5 107
The volume of a cylinder can be found using ... Andy Peters 5 89
How many isosceles right triangles with leg ... Andy Peters 5 105
Which of the following equations accurately ... Andy Peters 5 111
If the volume of a cube is 512 cubic units, ... Andy Peters 5 115
A rectangle is known to have two sides that ... Andy Peters 8 109
On a coordinate plane, a rectangle is formed... Andy Peters 8 116
What is the difference in area between a squ... Stephen Barton 2 98
I have a square and a hexagon with the same ... Stephen Barton 5 123