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Data Analysis  Piqosity Official Completely text, Completely images, Completely video 1 1
Reading Tables and Graphs  Piqosity Official Mostly text, Some images, No video 0 1

Question Author Difficulty Views
Margaret decided to poll her class on the nu... Shelby Joe 2 123
The figure below shows the number of shoes p... Shelby Joe 5 178
The bar graph shown represents the score of ... Shelby Joe 5 184
Jane recorded the number of pets owned by ea... Shelby Joe 2 179
The graph shows the number of books read by ... Shelby Joe 5 173
The stem-and-leaf-plot shown represents the ... Shelby Joe 5 307
It there are 3 times as many sci-fi books as... Shelby Joe 5 145
The chart below shows the number of times Pa... Shelby Joe 2 196
The graph below shows Tommy's height, me... Shelby Joe 2 149
The Venn diagram below represents two sets, ... Shelby Joe 2 159
The chart below shows a pet shop's dog i... Shelby Joe 5 152
In Mrs. Bowman's math class, the student... Shelby Joe 2 157
The table below shows the number of parking ... Shelby Joe 5 149
Robert asked his friends how many pets they ... Shelby Joe 2 121
The graph below shows the populations, in th... Shelby Joe 2 123
Mrs. White created a stem and plot graph of ... Piqosity Official 5 21
Ronald and Wendy are given 20 minutes to com... Shelby Joe 2 129
The graph below shows the average scores for... Shelby Joe 5 141
The graph below shows the time it takes two ... Shelby Joe 2 153
The amount of time that Laura spends doing v... Piqosity Official 5 18
An animal shelter counted the amount of guin... Piqosity Official 5 18
The table below shows the number of students... Piqosity Official 2 18
Aliya earns points with her airline when she... Piqosity Official 5 17
A teacher recorded the scores from her stude... Shelby Joe 5 189
The chart below shows the weights of four di... Andrew Frewer 2 43
The graph below represents the growth of fou... Shelby Joe 2 152
Terri is planning a survey to try to determi... Shelby Joe 2 159
The graph below shows how Keira spends her d... Shelby Joe 2 159
Tara decides to break down her day by the ho... Shelby Joe 2 160