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Polygons: Angles, Perimeter, and Area  Piqosity Official Mostly text, Some images, No video 0 1

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A circle of radius r is inscribed i... Shelby Joe 2 134
A circle is inscribed in a square with side ... Shelby Joe 5 163
Two equilateral triangles have perimeters in... Shelby Joe 2 135
The average jump length of a red kangaroo is... Shelby Joe 2 175
A triangular piece has been cut out of the s... Shelby Joe 5 179
The figure below shows a circle inscribed in... Shelby Joe 5 209
A square has side lengths of 1. What is the ... Shelby Joe 5 176
A portion of a fence contains 8 boards of eq... Shelby Joe 5 173
The figure below shows two semicircles inscr... Shelby Joe 5 160
The squares below all have side length L... Piqosity Official 5 21
Square ABCD is pictured below.... Piqosity Official 5 19
I have a pizza that I want to cut into piece... Stephen Barton 8 90
If the measurement of each side of a regular... Shelby Joe 5 152
Square ABCD is inscribed in circle ... Stephen Barton 8 105
There is a triangle on the coordinate plane ... Stephen Barton 5 99
The figure below is a parallelogram and is n... Shelby Joe 5 207
The grid below is made up of 36 equal square... Shelby Joe 5 127
The figure below shows 4 congruent triangles... Shelby Joe 5 211
A triangle is inscribed inside of a semicirc... Shelby Joe 5 30
What is the perimeter of the square if the a... Piqosity Official 5 15
The figure below shows an arrangement of 6 e... Shelby Joe 5 149
The circle in the figure below has an area o... Piqosity Official 8 23
The area of each grid square shown is 5 squa... Shelby Joe 2 138
Square Piqosity Official 5 19
What is the area of the largest circle that ... Piqosity Official 8 19
Given parallelogram below, what is the measu... Shelby Joe 2 123
A rectangle has a length 3 greater than its ... Shelby Joe 5 126
What is the area of the square below?... Shelby Joe 5 203
Shelby Joe 5 102
The grid shows three vertices of a parallelo... Shelby Joe 5 157
What is the length of the apothem in the fig... Shelby Joe 5 196
How many diagonals are in a hexagon? Stephen Barton 5 105
Given that figure ABCD is a rhombus, AC is 1... Stephen Barton 5 111
The perimeter of a triangle is 27. If the si... Stephen Barton 2 108
A rectangular mud pit measures 5 feet by 8 f... Shelby Joe 2 146