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Solid Geometry - Surface Area and Volume  Piqosity Official Some text, Mostly images, No video 0 1

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The length of AC in the figure below is 6 fe... Shelby Joe 5 171
If the side length of the base of an equilat... Shelby Joe 5 159
Shelby Joe 5 157
What is the maximum number of cubes of side ... Shelby Joe 5 142
A cylindrical glass with a diameter of 12 cm... Shelby Joe 5 155
The figure below shows a cylinder inscribed ... Shelby Joe 5 184
A cylindrical pot, filled to the brim with s... Shelby Joe 2 178
If the volume of a cone is 250π cubic inc... Shelby Joe 5 177
The volume of a rectangular pyramid with a b... Andrew Frewer 5 59
The shaded regions of circles O ... Shelby Joe 5 224
What is the volume (in cubic meters) of... Shelby Joe 2 155
What is the volume of a rectangular prism wi... Shelby Joe 2 158
Johnny wants to put wallpaper on the four wa... Piqosity Official 5 17
How many wooden cubes with side length 3 cm ... Shelby Joe 2 133
The formula for the surface area of a sphere... Shelby Joe 5 176
The height of the cylinder shown is 2 t... Shelby Joe 2 183
A shot-put player hurls the shot, a heavy sp... Shelby Joe 5 175
What is the surface area of a rectangular pr... Piqosity Official 5 13
Jenny is filling her fish tank. If she wants... Piqosity Official 5 17
A cylindrical can of diameter 12 cm and heig... Shelby Joe 2 115
How many whole cubes, each with a side lengt... Shelby Joe 5 136
The height of a cylinder is 10 inches. If it... Shelby Joe 5 161
Shelby Joe 2 157
If cube A has 3 times the surface area of cu... Andrew Frewer 8 62
What is the surface area of an isosceles tri... Shelby Joe 5 159
A pyramid has a base area of 6 and a height ... Stephen Barton 2 94
The pyramid shown below has an altitude of&n... Shelby Joe 5 163
A rectangular cardboard box has one base wit... Shelby Joe 5 162